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We have over 8 years experience working with businesses with particular specialist knowledge in the telecoms sector. We can provide assistance in areas such as new business sales, account management, business development and strategy, introduce new supplier partnerships, billing analysis, pricing review, fraud preventon, and financial support. We provide an in house resource to work with you and your team to assist your business - recent client projects include:


  • Generated £600k new wholesale voice revenue in 3 months exceeding £50k/month target

  • Assisted client setting up their business by providing business development advice, implementing financial process, client and supplier account management, and general operational support. Now in its third year revenue is £3.6m turnover

  • Managed £5m client base working with financial, commercial, and technical to increase margins.

  • Developed £20k/pm margin on existing client base implementing new pricing strategy


Our consultancy services are provided on flexible contractual terms, ideal if you need senior management level expertise without expensive commitment. We typically work on a competitive day rate retainer with a margin split on new margins on an ongoing monthly contract. If you have any new projects or need assistance in developing your existing business please contact us today to discuss your requirements.


We provide a wide range of services to the telecoms industry. With our wholesale voice trading division we buy routes on behalf for our clients and for our own call traffic, and we also sell high quality, stable direct routes. If you run a telecoms company and are looking for business development or regulatory support we provide consultancy services on highly flexible contractual terms, ideal if you need senior management level expertise without expensive commitment.


We can assist you with regulatory issues and compliance by liaising with the relevant body. We can manage the Ofcom number ordering process for you to register your company and obtain your own number ranges, advise on PhonepayPlus service requirements to ensure compliance with the Code of Practice, and advise on BT interconnect changes and AIT notices.


We recently advised on the Ofcom NGCS initiative (UK Calling), introducing a re-pricing matrix, resulting in significantly increasing margins for our clients.


For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.



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We manage millions of minutes of UK and international traffic both on behalf of our clients and for our own retail traffic and are always interested in new interconnect partners to provide routes. We are looking for good quality, stable routes for all international destinations. We also sell our high quality direct routes to trusted partners. 


If you are interested in supplying us and are either a UK based company or able to prepay, or interested in buying our direct routes, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss targets and volumes.


We are an introducing broker for VFX, a market leading Forex specialist. If you pay for invoices or receive payments in a foreign currency via your standard high street bank then you are likely to be losing money eith every transaction. Using a Forex specialist enables you to obtain the best exchange rates and optimise your margins.


For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.