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TeleSurf was created in 2007 to provide numbering services to clients within the telecoms industry. The company has since grown to provide a wide varierty of solutions to consumers and businesses, as well as expanding into consultancy services.


As a UK licensed telecommunications operator with our own assets and network partnership agreements we supply services including geographic and non geographic numbers, call termination, wholesale voice minutes, and international call services.


As a sales and consultancy business we work with other telecoms companies to generate ideas for new opportunities, assisting to develop, promote, and sell services. We also review existing services to increase sales and analyse current providers to reduce costs.


We are an exciting, lean, and innovative company with offices based in Oxford Circus in London UK where the company is registered. With over 18 years of telecoms experience and a strong, profitable trading history, coupled with our open and flexible consultative approach we are your ideal partner.


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Our mission is to provide a friendly, trustworthy service to all our customers and partners to improve the telecoms experience for everyone.

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+44 (0) 330 201 7777

Received a call from a TeleSurf number?

We do not make outbound calls and do not allow our clients to use our numbers for unsolicited outbound marketing or sales calls. We only provide numbers for business use or for our own services.


Occasionally instances occur where numbers may be misused or spoofed, which is where the CLI presented is not the number used by the caller. If you have received a call which you believe is one of our numbers and are unsure of the caller please hang up immediately and contact us using the form above. Do not provide any information or response to the caller. Please provide the number used and any details about the content of the call so that we can investigate further.


For further information on fraud including "vishing" (voice + fishing) and how to protect yourself please refer to Action Fraud's helpful advice at

To prevent unsolicited calls we recommend joining the Telephone Preference Service at

TeleSurf Ltd is not responsible for the content on external websites.